Thursday, June 2, 2016

My review of The Para-Portage of Emily by Muffy Wilson

Emily Macque has been sent to her "Uncle" John Matheson's estate, Mariner's Maiden, after his death to look at the property and make sure it is organized. What she doesn't expect is to fall in love with the property, located on a small island where everyone knows each other's business. As she continuies to rest and take it easy after being diagnosed with a heart condition she researches more about the property and the relationship of the previous owners.

But it seems as though she is not the only one on the property as she keeps seeing a man on the property. Emily wonders if the man is Colin Jorgenson, who mysteriously vanished after the death of his beloved wife, Amalya.

Emily has a striking resemblance to Amalya and she begins to have sexual fantasies of a man pleasing her but maybe it's not her imagination after all.

I enjoyed this book and all of the discoveries that Emily made and how happy she was on the island. I loved how the island people knew her business and were there for her. I liked Kirby's crush on Emily and how nervous he was to talk with her. I also really enjoyed Cooper Braden and was really hoping that he and Emily would be able to have a relationship.

I must admit that I didn't like the ending as I felt somewhat cheated although I knew in my head where the story was headed. I felt like it was such a disservice to Emily as she was the one that we had grown closer to and really didn't have that same tie with Colin.

That being said overall I did enjoy the story and look forward to reading another one by the author!

4 Stars

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