Sunday, June 12, 2016

My review of Over The Fence by Lyssa Layne

The Right Pitch

This book was absolutely amazing!!! I was hooked from the first page and did not want it to end!!

Colie Adger is a rookie trainer for the professional baseball team the New York Aces. Grant Adamson is the pitcher for the Aces and he has feelings for Colie, that he is keeping from her.

When Colie's college crush, Jace Richards and rookie pitcher of an opposing team, contacts her again he wants to pick up where they left off. The question is whether his intentions are sincere.

Is Colie choosing the right guy or will the past cloud her judgement for the future?

I absolutely loved this book and if you are looking for an amazing baseball romance pick this one up!!!

Fear of Striking Out

Lyssa Layne has become one of my favorite authors and everytime she has a new book out I get very happy!

This book is another incredible baseball story, this time involving shortstop Tate James, newly traded to the Los Angeles Stags. As Tate heads to LA to try and find a place to live he meets Mia, his real estate agent whom he is immediately attracted to.

Mia Tomko is immediately attracted to Tate as well, but Mia still has a past that she has not quite gotten over, her ex-husband Asher.

When the pasts of Tate and Mia collide it may be too much for the two of them to overcome.

This book has incredible characters and the relationship between Mia and Tate is extremely hot! I love how Lyssa has brought back the characters of Colie and Grant from The Right Pitch as it brings in that familiarity yet you don't need to read the other book first, although you really should!

This is another incredible book by Lyssa Layne and I can't wait for the next one!!

Another at Bat

Let me be clear - I hate Jace Richards after what he did to Colie in The Right Pitch. How could he treat her so poorly? Does he have a chance at redeeming himself and can I overlook everything he has done and give him another chance?

So when we left Jace Richards he was kicked out of the MLB for throwing games and gambling and completely breaking Colie's heart. Now as part of his community service he has gone to Florida to coach a baseball team and work in a hardware store. A far cry from where he was.

Laurel Darbis's 10 year old son Grey is playing on this baseball team and Laurel wants nothing to do with the playboy coach who threw his life away and doesn't think he should be allowed anywhere near any of the kids. Yet Laurel has her hands full with her ex-husband Adam and all of his antics.

Somehow Laurel decides to give Jace a chance and sees that he really is trying to change yet will both of their past mistakes cost them a future together?

I love, love, love this book. I can't say enough without giving away so much but redemption is sweet. The attraction between the two is so intense and hot and I can't believe how much of a gentleman Jace can be. Wow!! This book really shows how someone truly deserves "another at bat".

A Diamond is Forever

Benny Martinez is out for dinner with friends Tate James, Grant Adamson and Jace Richards and they question why he hasn't married his girlfriend of almost 20 years Isabel Soltera. Isabel is the mother of his son, Marco, and although he has never cheated on her, he has never proposed to her.

As Benny and Isabel have some fundamental differences in their actions they must decide whether they are meant to be and when their son Marco makes some big mistakes, Benny must decide what kind of father he is going to be.

This is another great story on one of the lovable guys that we have grown to know through the series. I love that Benny remains faithful to Isabel yet I question his decisions. I completely understand why Isabel works and does what she needs to to take care of herself and Marco.

Such a great book and look at why our actions can have such an impact without even realizing it!!

5 Stars

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