Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My review of The Sleepless by Nuzo Onoh

When Kene is taken into the forest by his father and sacrificed the rest of his family has just thought that the child has disappeared. But his sister Obele hears "Mother Voice" and begins to put the pieces together for what happened to him. But Obele is viewed by her mother and father has part Demon with these voices and is continually beat because of it.

Obele must protect herself from the evil around her and relies on Mother Voice to keep her safe. Yet Mother Voice also leads her to meet "others" who help protect her. When the war comes and their family is forced to move will Obele's mom lead her into more danger proclaiming she is a demon?

I enjoyed this book and have never read a book considered African Horror before. At certain times during the book I felt as though I was losing a bit of interest and had to refocus as some parts seemed a bit tedious.

Emotionally I found the book so depressing with what Kene and Obele had to go through. Obele endured so many beatings and degradation that my heart continually broke for her and I was shocked at what her parents put her through. The ending for me was so disappointing as that was really not the way I wanted to see it end.

I did enjoy the look at the mystery behind someone who is deemed a demon and how Brother Emmanuel tried to get the demon out of her. Again it was her mom who didn't protect her but it is the unknown that we fear the most.

3 Stars

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