Sunday, June 12, 2016

My review of The Unraveling by Holly Barbo

This is book 3 in The Sage Seed Chronicles and the books need to be read in order to understand the book properly.

When Erin's parents are murdered she sets out to escape the evil that she can sense following her. She is able to make it to Ree's with the help of several animals. From there she is able to change her appearance and fit in with a caravan and works for Lor.

Soon others are dying and it is clear that noone is safe. Will Erin, Lor and others be able to find out who is committing the murders and why or will they get to those they love before they can be stopped?

I really enjoyed this book and it's important to note that each book is separated by many years. I wish it wasn't so spread out as I love the characters and wish we got more of them but understand the introduction of new characters every book.

This book is all about the want of power and although it is set in a different time there are so many relevant points with our lives today in what some people will do to get the power that they want. The author really makes you think with these books and I really enjoy it. It also shows how one person can make you doubt what you have never challenged before and put unrest into a society that has been fine until that point.

Erin is a great character and I love her relationship with Tempo. She is so caring yet really wants to protect those around her.

Such a great series!!

4 Stars


  1. Thank you for your review...and I want to tell you that the next two books in the series follow this one immediately. There are no years in-between. :)