Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My review of Safe To Love You by Jude Ouvrard

Presley Williams is a photographer that has been down in the dumps since his beautiful model girlfriend, Kelly Dickey, broke up with him after he completed her portfolio. Out with his brother, Joshua and his girlfriend Alicia he sees a girl that entrances him and he knows that he needs to know who she is.

Abbie Rylee knows that her relationship with Dean Hurley is ending but she is scared of how he will react, even though the passion is gone. When Abbie and Dean attend a Muse concert she meets a stranger who captures her attention instantly.

As Abbie and Presley become friends and support systems for each other they grow close but they each have so many ghosts in their pasts that keep revisiting them and with how much is stacked against them, will their love be enough to get them through??

I thought this book was so amazing in that I didn't want to stop reading as I knew something else was coming. I reluctantly had to put it down once to go to sleep but I really had to push myself to do so as I didn't want to miss anything.

One thing I loved was that you always felt like something else was coming so you never really knew if it was going to be good or bad but you felt like something was right around the corner. I felt a few parts the people got off easier than I would have liked but at the same time I would have been sad if something happened as a result of retaliation.

I absolutely adored both Abbie and Presley. Abbie was the girl-next-door without the pretenses of being more than she was. I loved that she was a book editor and therefore could have a "reclusive" lifestyle when she needed to. She really wanted to get herself safe and healthy but so much was working against her and I was so sad for her. You were always waiting for the other shoe to drop but it made me want so much for her.

Presley was a dream guy with how carrying and attentive he was towards Abbie and how he always seemed to remember the little things about her. Unfortunately he had his own ghosts that cam back to haunt him and Abbie several times and there were a few times I was like WTF!! I definitely wish there was a Presley out there for me!

I loved how both Presley and Abbie were able to work on their family issues in this story which made them both stronger because of it. They each had different things to overcome but it definitely helped them become stronger in the end.

This was the second book I have read by this author and it definitely will not be my last!!

5 Stars

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