Saturday, June 18, 2016

My review of A Risky Dance by Monika Summerville

Riley Frost is a successful attorney and in the past was a Dom in many of his relationships but began to tire of the lifestyle. One night at a bar he meets Sophie Pantagen whom he mistakes as a hooker and he immediately wants one night with her.

Sophie is the VP at her dad's company and has no interest in more than one-night stands and is really not impressed with Riley's arrogant attitude, yet at the same time she is extremely attracted to him. When Riley tracks Sophie down she knows that all her "personal rules" are going to be thrown out the window as she wants more than one night with him.

Yet when you mix business with pleasure someone is bound to get hurt. When it is clear how ruthless Sophie's father, Rupert, can be she must decide if she can be safe with Riley or if she is better off on her own.

I thought this book was great and definitely had many twists that I completely was not expecting! I really liked Riley throughout the book and his dedication and love towards Sophie. Meeting her was not in his plans but he would do anything to keep her safe, even if she didn't want to be with him.

I can't imagine how Sophie felt when she discovered everything about her dad and everything he kept from her. I was absolutely shocked with how he treated his family. Sophie starts to crumble and I understand why and somewhat understood why she needed to be alone to process everything.

This was a great book and I definitely look forward to more from this author!!

4 Stars

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