Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My review of To Dance One More Day by Rachel Jones

Jillian Russell is a ballet dancer and the owner of the North Carolina Ballet Company. She had to give up dancing professionally due to a medical diagnosis and now teaches others. An explosion has now left even that in jeopardy.

Dr. Alan Armstrong is the newest trauma surgeon at Bradley Medical Center and meets Jillian as she is being rescued from the explosion she is involved in. Alan has a goal of opening his own practice in a small town and being his own boss. But when he meets Jillian he questions all of his goals.

As Jillian and Alan begin to get to know each other they are faced with many hurdles and ghosts from their respective paths that threatens any chance of a future together. Will they get their acts together or are egos to blame for keeping them apart?

I enjoyed this book and getting to know Rachel. I felt so bad for her with everything she went through in the past with her mom leaving her and then having her grandma and dad pass away. She has definitely been through a lot!

I really liked Alan until the end when he made me mad! I understand why he made that comment but I was like - oh no!!!

Audrey was a puzzle to me and even though I understood what she did I was still extremely disappointed in how she went about everything. I'm glad they worked everything out but as a mom I still find it maddening!

Great book!

4 Stars

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