Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My review of The Healers by Holly Barbo

This is the second book in the Sage Seed Chronicles and I think it is important to read book one first to understand the background on all of the different people involved.

When a deadly virus hits the city of Yerra, Mayor Mossel is desperate for any assistance in finding a cure as people are dying in the city. Help comes from an unlikely source with Ree, a Sage who is just coming into her powers and learning more every day. With guidance from Catri she is able to get help from her environment in learning how to develop medicine.

But not everyone is pleased with Ree and her solutions and someone else believes that they know everything and should be where Ree is.

There are also problems within the community as someone is creating fake badges and they need to figure out who before a disaster strikes.

Will they discover everything in time or will the virus take over completely?

I really enjoyed this second book in the series as it is very unique. I love how it's almost a historical fiction book based on how the people are getting their knowledge and trying to discover things yet at the same time it's almost futuristic. I love how the Sage's are able to learn from what is around them in the environment and I find the books so peaceful and naturalistic to read.

I loved Ree and how she began to learn about her abilities and the good use. She has such innocence and great knowledge at the same time. I also liked how we got to visit with the characters from the first book and were able to catch up with everyone.

This is such a great book and I am really looking forward to the next book in the series!! Great job Ms.Barbo!!

4 Stars

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