Thursday, June 2, 2016

My review of Revealed by Samyah Leighton

This is the second book in the series and the first one has to be read first.

Skylar Deveraux has been kidnapped/forced to leave Jackson Delaney's house by her ex-husband Chris Meyers. Chris has threatened to reveal a secret that would jeopardize Jackson and even their daughter Sutton. Skylar chooses to go with Chris but everyday she misses the life she left behind and must gain Chris's trust in order to escape him. He has begun to treat Skylar worse than she ever thought possible and the only thing getting her through is thinking of Sutton and Jackson.

Jackson and Sutton are devastated that Skylar has left and Sutton believes that there is no way that she would leave on her own accord. Jackson is so hurt that he just breaks down and hides all of his pain and can't believe that he let her in again. But he still can't forget the love he has for her and as his relationship with Sutton falls apart he knows he must do what he can to save his family.

But is it too late for the two of them or can they find something to bring them together in order to discover the truth about why Skylar left? What will Skylar have to endure in order to save those she loves?

Wow - I loved the first book and this book is just as absolutely amazing although so heartbreaking at times. My heart was beating so loud in my chest at times when I just wanted to jump into the book and beat the hell out of both Chris and Jackson - for very different reasons!

I loved how sneaky Skylar had to get in order to try and get some dirt of Chris to escape! She did what she could but what she had to endure was awful! I really don't think there is enough punishment that Chris could endure that would satisfy me.

Jackson was so devastated that he acted in the only way he knew how - through different women. He began to lose his relationship with Sutton and I don't know if it was because she reminded him so much of Skylar. He definitely let her down and for that I was super frustrated!!

There were definitely some moments where I did huge happy dances and knew that things were going to be ok but then the end totally threw me for a loop and I'm like - OMG - WTF!!

I can't believe I have to wait for a 3rd book and I hope that the author is almost done as I really can't wait!!

5 Stars

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