Friday, June 24, 2016

My review of Ameerah by Rebekkah Ford

Ameerah Arrowood is trying to live the life she wants and get away from her controlling parents who want her to live up to their societal image. But all Ameerah wants is to be herself and dance and be with her best friends Betty. Yet when her parents make a decision for her, all of her dreams and wishes are gone in an instant.

Ameerah soon finds herself a dark spirit under the guidance of Aidan and soon joins a group headed by Volac and is able to get some revenge on those that hurt her. When Aosoth's purposeful actions hurt Ameerah to the inner core she knows she needs to help Nadia who is in a lower world in a confused state of existence with the help of Derek. But when she gets to Nadia she realizes that the truth doesn't always set you free.

I really enoyed this book and I find it so ironic how little some people's views have changed in regards to sexuality and being different. Although society is much more open than before there are still so many people who consider it deviant and the person unstable.

Ameerah's parents were just so worried about their self-image that they had no regard for her or even cared for her in the slightest bit. I was so heartbroken for her with what she had to endure and where they sent her.

I was very disappointed that Ameerah never did contact Betty or her spirit just to let her know she was still there for her. For me that would have been a bonus just for her to make peace with that side of her. Obviously she was using Nadia as somewhat of a replacement.

This was such an interesting book and the first one I have read by this author and it certainly won't be my last.

4 Stars

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