Tuesday, June 11, 2019

My review of Sexy Filthy Boss by Piper Rayne

Lorenzo "Enzo" Mancini is a Senior Advertising Executive who has goals of becoming a partner but first he has to land a major contract. Unfortunately he seems to be having a hard time keeping any assistants working for him and now has to borrow someone else's.

Annie Stewart is an assistant for Mr. Beardsman but really wants to be able to start working on ads and campaigns. When she is lent to Mr. Mancini she knows that this is her chance to shine but will working for the man with a big reputation cost her everything?

As Annie and Enzo come together for the ads will they find they are successful in their ideas or will the owner of the company, Mr.Jacobson want a more traditional approach to everything?

Every time Piper Rayne has a new book and series I get so excited!!

This book had so many laughs and also dealt with some of the "work" issues that can still be prevalent in today's society. I loved this part as I really think it shows us that as women we still need to be true to ourselves above everything else.

Enzo and his brothers, Carm and Dom, are so awesome and I loved how they were trying to find someone for their sister, Blanca, just so none of them had to settle down and make their mom happy! Enzo was very hard working and really wanted to make partner and was going to do whatever it took to land Coddle.

Annie was awesome and I loved how hard she worked. Her ideas for Coddle were so much fun and I liked that Enzo really fought hard for her to get what she deserved. It was clear that there were a lot of issues between Annie and her mom and I was curious to see how that played out. 

From the plane incident onward things got super hot and I loved the shift in Enzo when he really realized what he wanted. The family dinner at his place was so great and I laughed so many times!

I liked that Enzo realized what was happening at work and I understood his selfish reasons for not saying anything to Annie. That being said I completely was behind Annie with her reaction but I still really felt bad for Enzo.

I was so proud of Enzo at the end of the book for so many reasons!! I loved that he told Annie to go for it with a certain opportunity and then how everything turned out!

I am so excited for more brothers and I can't wait for more Enzo and Annie too!!

5 Stars

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