Friday, June 21, 2019

My review of What We Do In the Night by Stylo Fantome

Valentine O'Dell works as a dancer at Cache while she goes to school and helps to support her grandma who had a stroke. When she is partnered in school with the very snobby and condensing Harper Kittering she doesn't think it can get any worse until she meets Harper's boyfriend, Ari Sharapov.

Ari Sharapov is used to getting what he wants and right now he wants Valentine. He is a lawyer who works for his father's company but after winning his latest case he begs for some time off. He is expected to follow in his father's footsteps and marry the right girl, Harper, which will increase his clout within the right circles.

When Ari pays Valentine's boss for her exclusivity will Ari keep Valentine hidden from his world? Can Valentine deal with being a "dirty secret" if it helps her financially with her grandma?

This was a great book with some great twists and turns to leave you wondering what is going to happen in the next book.

I liked Valentine and I understood everything she did in order to survive and have someone watch her grandma. She never had an easy of of things lately and I gave her a lot of credit for giving up her own dreams to do what she needed to. I hated how Harper treated her without knowing her or her story.

Ari was much more complex as he almost had two lives - the one he wanted and the one that was expected of him. It appeared that he was forced to be in a relationship with Harper and that he really didn't like her much. Yet he needed to appear a certain way and Valentine was definitely from the same socio-economic background that he was.

There was so much chemistry between Ari and Valentine and I liked that they were both truly developing feelings for one another but I was also pretty worried about what was going to happen between them. This was definitely shown to me with an incident at Ari's place and Valentine feeling like a dirty secret.

The stuff that happened after Valentine received the call about her grandma was so heartbreaking and I was so beyond mad at Ari for everything!! I was so disappointed for Valentine but I was happy that so many people had her back.

I am really curious to see where everything leads as I know Valentine cares so much but Ari needs to figure out his life and what he truly wants.

4 Stars

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