Thursday, June 20, 2019

My review of The Locker Room by Meghan Quinn

Knox Gentry is a baseball star at Brentwood University and he is used to being able to get any girl he wants so he is surprised when he continually keeps getting turned down by the new girl on campus. There is a myth with the baseball players that once they invite girls into the Locker Room they will end up in a more serious relationship but Knox isn't really a believer in that.

Emory Ealson has just come to Brentwood University to be with her two best friends, Dottie and Lindsay, after a bad break up. She is looking to focus on school and avoid relationships at all costs not wanting to go through the pain of heartbreak again.

Slowly Knox and Emory begin a friendship with Knox continually asking Emory out and knowing deep down that he is going to break down her walls! Yet with Knox focusing on the draft will he be able to focus on Emory as well?

Will Emory let her guard down enough to let Knox in and will she be more worried about the future instead of focusing on the present?

Wow - this was such a good book that left my heart broken at times and other times it was filled with love and laughs.

I thought Knox was such an amazing character and I loved that he truly was not after any other woman besides Emory. I loved everything that he did to prove to her that he was ready to do what it took to prove his affection towards her and that nothing was going to stop him from proving himself to her.

Emory was very guarded and I understood why after everything that happened with Neil. Neil was so cruel to her and she needed to repair her heart and also her self-esteem and she needed time to heal. I understood why she was afraid to get involved again but I was crossing my fingers that Knox could prove he was in it for the right reasons.

There was so much chemistry and laughs between the two and it just made me so happy to see how much fun they had together. I loved the scene with the oreos and Knox's mom!! So many laughs!!

So I was so mad at Emory at the end for making the decision that she did without giving Knox a chance to make it work. I was so beyond frustrated as he loved her so much and would have done whatever he could to make her happy, even with the distance.

The very end was awesome, although I was still a little mad at Emory, and I was so proud of Knox for making her listen to him. I did a huge happy dance and was so giddy with delight!!

I loved the journey that the author takes us on and although my heart definitely got broken a few times she repaired it at the end and I leave on a very happy note!!

5 Stars

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