Wednesday, June 19, 2019

My review of Written With You by Aly Martinez

This is the second book in the series and Written with Regret must be read first.

The end of the first book leaves us with our jaw dropping as Trent Hunt has figurered things out but the question is what happens now.

When Caven Hunt is able to figure things out with help from his best friend Ian Villa he wants Ms. Banks out of his and Rosalee's life for good. Yet he is also torn as he has fallen in love and now is struggling to pick up the pieces.

Ms. Banks had everything torn from her when she was 8 years old and saw her parents murdered in front of her but she was saved by a hero whom she always hung onto the memory of but her sister wasn't so lucky and she was never the same after that day. Now all she has left for family is Rosalee and she doesn't want to give that up.

As Caven and Ms. Banks struggle to deal with the past they must all face their love for one another and see if they can overcome all of the lies and secrets.

Yet soon both of them discover the past has a way of rearing it's ugly head when you least expect it.

OMG - this was such an incredible conclusion!! In one sense I really wanted more but at the same time I was still reeling on the surprises and twists that this one had that left me with my jaw open and hanging down in shock!

I completely understood why Caven was so hurt after being lied to and deceived but he completely blew up and was so mad that my heart broke for Rosalee. She was too young to understand why and she loved Hadley so much. I was so shocked that it was Ian who made Caven see things differently which ended up helping so much!

I knew already that there was some deception with Ms.Banks but I also knew that there had to be a good reason and slowly we figure out why. Yet we also know that there is still some danger for Hadley when she is personally attacked and saved by Ian. That begins setting everything else into motion and we realize how much Caven still cares.

There was so much chemistry between the two but they needed to figure things out from the bottom up to the lies and because of each of their respective pasts. Each of them had to come to terms with certain events and how that influenced the rest of their lives.

When a certain puzzle piece falls into place at Ms.Banks place it was like OMG!!! I was so shocked yet at the same time it made sense for the day at the mall. The ending was pretty intense and I was very surprised at everything revealed about one character.

The epilogue was awesome and I am so happy for how everything turned out although I hope we get more of these characters in another book!

5 Stars

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