Wednesday, June 26, 2019

My review of Raphael by Tillie Cole

Raphael is one of the 6 Fallen who avenge those that can not avenge themselves by killing certain members of society who harm others. His latest target is a lady who is a trafficker of young girls. Yet everything changes in a moment when another woman walks into the bar he is in and he knows that she is the one for him.

Sister Maria is pledging herself to God but when she is asked by Fathers Quinn and Murray to trap a killer that they need to bring to justice she agrees to take on the task. Yet when she meets Raphael he evokes feelings in her that she has never felt before.

Raphael is not willing to let Maria go as she provides him with a feeling of calm that he hasn't felt anymore but will Maria be able to handle his demands and will God show her the right path?

Wow - this is the beginning of an incredible series!!

I loved Raphael and his brothers who were led by Gabriel as they were "damaged" but after the worst people in society because of what they had been through. Raphael survived on sex and murder and he had a certain type which Sister Maria just happened to be.

Sister Maria was so naive and I understood why she felt like she had to serve God after everything she had been through as a child. She put her trust in Fathers Quinn and Murray not being aware of the type of men that they truly were.

There was so much chemistry between Maria and Raphael although they were two completely opposite people who had both been hurt very badly in the past. I liked when Maria finally really began to understand everything and see why Raphael was hurting so bad. They both healed each other in a way but Raphael still had certain plans for Maria.

There was a certain conversation between Maria and Gabriel that was So important and made Maria really open up her eyes and made her see everything completely differently.

The end got pretty intense when Maria made a very bad decision and I was freaking out a little about what was coming! I knew Raphael would come but I wasn't sure what was going to happen after. I definitely did a happy dance when that part was over and a few people definitely got what they deserved!

Then I began freaking out a little with what Raphael had in mind but I had my fingers crossed for the ending I wanted!

I was totally shocked at the very end of the book and I can't wait to see what's coming!!!

5 Stars

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