Friday, June 14, 2019

My review of Falling For The Playboy by S.L. Scott

Evan Ashford has a reputation to be a ladies man in Hawaii and when he meets a beautiful woman stepping off the plane he has found his next conquest. Yet she is different than anyone woman he has ever bveen with before but Evan stays far away from relationships.

Mallory Wray has come to Hawaii to stay with her best friend Sunny and escape her life and ex-boyfriend. She is ready for a carefree summer where she can relax and enjoy herself. What she doesn't expect is to meet Evan who gives her a ride to Sunny's place which turns into a very memorable night yet in the morning he isn't there.

As Evan and Mallory try to pick up the pieces from their one night stand things begin to get more complicated when the two are reluctantly drawn to each other and they can't stay away no matter how hard each of them tries. Yet Evan isn't ready for a relationship and is Mallory ready to risk her hear getting broken again?

This was such a good book and part of me wishes it was over at the end of this one as it ended just how I wanted!!

From the moment Mallory steps off the plane the chemistry between her and Evan is sizzling and their chemistry is through the roof. The two challenge each other yet at the same time they both manage to hurt each other through the book with their actions and words.

Evan is a complete ladies man an could have any woman he wanted yet he can not stop thinking about Mallory. He is in uncharted territory and there was definitely so much more to him than you originally suspect. I really liked getting to know him in greater detail as the book went on but I know there are also big gaps which should be revealed in the next book. I liked learning about the tension Evan has with his parents and I have a feeling that will definitely come into play in the next books with how he decides to live his life.

Mallory needed a chance for some freedom from school and her ex but she finds herself in even more drama when she meets Evan. After when Mallory meets Nohea (Noah) Kalei you could sense that he wanted her but she was trying to figure out what she wanted and I can tell that story line is not over, especially with why Noah is no longer friends with Evan.

The chemistry between Mallory and Evan was definitely hot and intense!! The two shared something very special if they could figure out their feelings towards one another in time.

I loved all of the friendships in the book and how Sunny, Zach, Kate and Murphy all got involved to help figure everything out as they could see how Mallory and Evan felt about each other.

Towards the end of the book there was definitely some foreshadowing with Evan's mom and what she expected so it will be interesting to see what happens in the next books. I was super happy with how this one ended but now I am definitely worried about what's to come!!

4.5 Stars

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