Monday, June 17, 2019

My review of Brash by S.C Daiko

Alyona Abramovich is a Mafia princess who wants to live her own life and not the one her dad wants her to live. When she has to opportuntiy to take some pictures for a new hotel chain she jumps on the chance even though it means she will be working with Ben Collins, a friend of her brothers and well known playboy.

Ben "Brash" Collins is a billionaire hotel developer who is constantly working and striving for more. He sees a talent in Alyona and knows he can use it to his advantage for his new hotel in the Maldives and get it some extra publicity.

When Brash and Aly are returning from Maldives they unexpectedly crash and now are stuck on a deserted island together. Sworn enemies the two need to do what it takes to survive but can they call a truce before one of them kills the other one?

I really like the enemies to lovers books as you start off with so much animosity and gradually know things are going to change and I liked that this one was different than most of them out there.

Aly lived a privileged life but she was still very much controlled by what her father wanted to do and that was settle down with a man from the right family to continue on and make a powerful merger. That was nothing that Aly wanted for herself as she loved taking photographs and wanted her own life.

Ben is a man who is to the point and driven by his successes in work. He is known for all the women he has been through and he stays as far away from relationships as he possibly can. He is also known as "Brash" due to his no nonsense attitude that leaves no room for questions or second guesses. He strives on getting more and never stops working.

When the plane crashed I was happy that Ben did everything he could to make sure Aly survived and he never gave up. I was impressed with everything that Ben was able to accomplish on the island and how both he and Aly made the best of the situation and did what they could to survive. It helped that they had some help from people that had been there before but they still had to make it.

The sexual tension between the two slowly heated up and it was no surprise as they only had each other. They both grew to love each other but at the same time they were both worried that it was only because of the island and if they never crashed things wouldn't be the same. I liked how it all progressed and developed and how they both gradually opened up to each other about certain things, specifically Ben.

I was worried at a certain point when a boat lands and what happens afterwords and I knew they would survive but I wasn't sure at what cost. I was so mad at Aly's dad for his decisions after everything she had been through. I knew why he was protective but the arrangements he made were not right and I was frustrated for sure!

I understood why both Ben and Aly made a rash decision after but I was worried when Ben's parents reacted the way they did and I was shocked at what Aly's dad did after. I think it was a little too much personally as it took a little weird turn. I'm also super curious to understand how Ben's Uncle Gleb was able to turn the situation around so fast.

The end was awesome and I really loved the update we got for a year down the road and what Ben surprised Aly with! That was so cool and an awesome surprise!

The epilogue was great and I will definitely be going back and reading the other stories!

4.5 Stars

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