Wednesday, July 3, 2019

My review of The Marriage Pact by Winter Renshaw

When Emelie Belleseau was younger she made a pact with close family friend Julian for the two of them never to marry despite their parents believing they were the perfect couple. Then 8 years ago he broke her heart and she has not seen him since.

Prince Julian is the Duke of Montcroix and is the second in line for the Chamont throne. Lately his dad has been acting difficult and unfortunately Julian needs to marry before he can inherit the throne and he believes that Emelie would be the perfect king.

Prince Julian must convince Emelie to marry him but Emelie has her own set of rules and can the two come to an agreement in time? When past secrets are revealed can Emilie and Julian come to terms with everything and when Julian keeps one too many things from Emelie will there be a wedding?

This was such a good book with some great twists and turns that left me shocked and wanting so much more!!

I thought Emelie was a great character who had been very hurt and had her heart broken in the past by Julian and she was guarded because of it. I completely understood why she was upset over what happened and definitely sided with her. Yet when Julian approaches her she also realizes how it could help out her family which had lost so much with the death of her father.

I understood why Julian asked Emelie to marry him but then I was a little confused about his motive after we learn about his ex Princess Dayanara of Spain and then more about their past and the involvement of another individual as well. Yet as the book went on I realized how much Julian did really care about Emelie and I was confused about what had transpired in the past.

At a certain point events of the past are brought up and I was compeltey thrown for a loop with what was revealed and I was so mad!!! I understood why both Julian and Emelie thought what they did and I wanted revenge!!

The stuff near the end of the book with Julian's dad threw me for another loop and I knew Julian was trying to talk to Emelie yet it wasn't working which I knew was not going to end well. I was right and I was definitely disappointed!

I loved the advice Harrison gave Julian and I was so happy that he followed it!!

I was totally surprised with the ending but I loved it and was so happy for the way it all turned out!

5 Stars

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