Tuesday, July 16, 2019

My review of Falling With You by Carrie Ann Ryan

Sienna Knight has had a secret crush on Aiden for the past decade but because of certain circumstances she never had a chance with him but now she is scared to let him know how she feels as she feels it would be disloyal to her best friend.

Aiden Connolly is a chef and works at the family bar, Connolly Brewery. Aiden is struggling after the loss of Allison and has found himself hanging around Sienna more and more as she brings him a level of peace he hasn’t had in a long time.

Can Sienna and Aiden overcome the loss of someone close to them both while trying to find out whether they have a chance at their own happiness or will the guilt be too much?

This was such an interesting book ad you never know until part way through what all happened in the past and how that plays a role in the decisions made my both Sienna and Aiden. I had thought things were a certain way and then I learned more and realized I was wrong.

I really liked Sienna and totally understood why she had guilt when it came to having feelings for Aiden and why she was battling herself over it all. I liked that Sienna was a physical therapist and that she worked hard and was dedicated to her clients. The whole rose thing made me uneasy and I wondered how much it would influence everything that happens.

I thought Aiden was a great character who had overcome so much in the past with growing up and had made something of himself. I wasn’t sure what all happened with him and Allison but slowly everything came to light and made things make more sense.

I liked when things slowly began to develop between Aiden and Sienna as you knew how each of them felt and I really wanted things to progress between them! It happened quickly to a certain degree but both had feelings for so long that I was super happy!!

I really enjoyed the twist and who was involved. I was definitely shocked at what ended up happening!

The very end was awesome and I loved how it ended!

4 Stars

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