Monday, July 22, 2019

My review of Assassin's Prey by Ella Sheridan

This book is in a series and should be read in order to understand some of the characters and past events.

Levi Agozi is an assassin as well as his two younger brothers, Eli and Remi. They do what they can to protect the lives of innocent people but they sometimes find themselves in trouble due to their occupation. Levi is in a “relationship” with Abby Roslyn after he saved her life yet Levi can only giver her so much as he doesn’t want Abby to be involved with his occupation.

Abby Roslyn was almost killed by her father Councilman Roslyn but now she is ready to go on with her life and follow her own goals but when another attempt is made on her life, Levi is not ready to let her go.

Yet soon Levi, his brothers and Abby discover that not everything is as it seems and they have been looking at everything wrong. When Detective Bryant from Levi’s past starts digging he realizes that there are links to the past and he himself is getting to close to the truth.

Can they find all the links before it’s too late?

This is another exciting book in the series. It had action from start to finish and great twists and turns to make you wonder what was going to happen next!

I really liked Levi and how he struggled with his relationship with Abby. He cared so much about her and didn’t want to let her go yet at the same time he didn’t want her mixed up with his life and the dangers that came with it. As funny as it sounds he was an assassin for the right reasons and he didn’t have an easy go growing up and did what he had to in order to survive and raise his brothers after the death of his parents.

I liked Abby and her strong nature. She knew she needed more than what Levi was able to give her but she didn’t want to let go of him at the same time. She also knew that she was good for Levi if he allowed himself to open up to her and let her make her own decisions about her future.

Although Levi was worried about meeting Detective Bryant, I liked the link he was able to make and how he truly came through for Levi and his brothers. This definitely changed the pace of the book and opened up so many more possibilities.

I loved Abby’s plan and how that helped Levi’s chances, but it also showed the ability of Warren Redding to get what he wanted.

The huge twist near the end left me wondering if what happened really happened as it almost seemed not calculated enough for Redding. I was glad I was right!!

The end was great and I was super happy that Levi realized what he needed in his life and that Abby was right for him!

My only complaint in this book is that we didn’t get to see Abigail at all.

4.5 Stars

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