Tuesday, July 16, 2019

My review of Dirty, Flirty Enemy by Piper Rayne

Carmelo Mancini is known all over Manhattan as a realtor with the six pack of abs due to billboards with them pasted all over the city. Yet he manages to be extremely successful with both men and women and knows how to get deals done.

Bella Scott is a broker who just moved into the office space across from Carmelo and when she happens to steal one of his clients things escalate quickly.

Yet soon Bella and Carmelo realize there is more to the other one than they suspected but when the competition heats up even more the two must figure out where their loyalties lay before someone gets hurt.

This is another book filled with so many laughs and steamy scenes to please every audience!

I love Carmelo and love how his mom wants him to hurry up and settle down because his cousins have all found their partners! One of my favorite parts is also still the rock, paper, scissors every time the game is played! I loved that he "used" his own image to get more clients and would do anything he had to in order to remain at the top of his game.

Bella was much more complex and you could tell that there were events from her past that made her so guarded with everything. She was reluctant to take hand outs but at the same time she needed to win the competition with Carmelo to get Greg's business.

There were a few characters that I didn't like in this book and I hated the way 2 in particular treated Bella for the sake of business. I loved the weekends with everyone together and so much happened between Bella ad Carmelo while they were away.

I was totally freaking out towards the end with everything that happened between Bella and Carmelo and then a huge twist in the book with big implications!! I was so glad that Carmelo was at the right place at the right time!

The end was awesome and I loved what Carmelo did for Bella and himself!

4 Stars

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