Thursday, July 18, 2019

My review of My Blue by Emory Jacobs

Ella Blue Kincaid has been in love with Leo Matson for as long as she can remember but her father disapproved of him and sent her away. Now 8 years later she has returned home to Idlewood, Texas but has found herself in the hospital with no memories of the last 8 years.

Leo Matson has never gotten over losing his best friend and the love of his life Ella Blue and is shocked when he shows up at The Bait and hears her with her band The Velvet Dolls. Yet Leo also remembers the warnings of Ella's father and knows he has to keep his distance.

But when Ella wakes up in the hospital asking for Leo he knows he will do what it takes to keep her safe. Will Leo risk everything to make sure Ella begins to remember? Will Ella remember the events of the past before she makes a mistake that could cost her everything?

This was a great filled with love, second chances and some mystery.

I really liked Ella Blue and I hated what her dad did 8 years ago in order for him to control her life. I thought it was super interesting that she was in a rock band as I'm pretty sure that was not something her dad would approve of. I also wondered what was really behind her deciding to go back to Idlewood after so may years apart.

It was mysterious to why Ella lost her memory for the past 8 years but it led her back to Leo who was safe for her. Leo was shocked but he vowed to help her even though everyone was worried about him due to the threats from Ella's dad. Leo was truly a great guy for everything he was willing to risk in order to help her.

At a certain point you get the return of Ella's parents which turned quite explosive! I was shocked at the things her dad said and I was surprisingly happy with how her mom may have actually had her back a little. I was super proud of Ella for sticking up for herself. 

I was definitely suspicious of the appearance of one character but then everything fell into place.

I felt a little disappointed with everything that happened with Wade and I felt like at the end there wasn't enough dedicated to him and not enough justice. I felt like that whole part was just an after thought and I would have liked more written there.

The end was good and as it should be!

4 Stars

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