Monday, March 4, 2019

My review of Make Me Yours by Tia Louise

Ruby Banks grew up with a father who was a neurosurgeon who never believed in letting Ruby follow her dreams of becoming an artist but wanted her to college to get a degree. Now she is a licensed therapist who is not happy and not successful but is surviving due to her best friend Drew.

Remington Key had it all with leaving the Navy and making billions of dollars off of an app that he created. But now he is a single father to Lillie and lives with his mother-in-law after his wife died.

When Remington offers Ruby $500 a day to become Lillie's nanny will he get more than he bargained for and when he finds himself attracted to her will he cross over the line?

This was such a great book from start to finish and I couldn't put it down!

I loved Ruby and I hated how cruel her father was to her dreams and how he expected Ruby to do things a certain way and perform a certain way. She was not allowed to be herself and that definitely did some damage to her self esteem. I loved her friendship with Drew and she helped her out the best she could.

Remington was definitely in a difficult situation as he needed time to get his work done but he was almost living with a ghost and expected to be a certain way with his mother-in-law living with him and helping raise Lillie.

I loved Lillie right from the beginning and was so happy how she bonded with Ruby over Disney movies and lyrics!

You could tell right from the beginning how much "sexual tension" was between Ruby and Remington and both cared about each other. I loved how Ruby was able to get Remington to spend more time with Lillie without it looking like she was. Ruby truly respected the bond between Lillie and Remington.

Eleanor was a totally different picture and I understood to a certain degree why she did the things she did as she didn't want to lose her place in Lillie's life or have her daughter forgotten about but she was cruel at times.

I was happy for New York but very sad for the events after and what happened between Ruby and Remington and how everything went sideways. I hated to hear what Ruby was called by the mean moms!

The end was awesome and I loved what Remington did!! So great!!

5 Stars

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