Wednesday, March 27, 2019

My review of Rocky Ground by Kaylea Cross

Tiana Fitzgerald is an occupational therapist and a single mom to 9 year old Ella. She doesn't have a good track record with men, especially with her last boyfriend Brian. Now Ella's father, Evan, has decided that he wants to be part of her life after not being in it so far.

Aidan MacIntrye works for Beckett and is a former Royal Marine who has his eyes on Tiana if she will only give him a chance. Unfortunately Aidan is also struggling with getting his work Visa extended as he wishes to remain in Crimson Point.

Aidan wants Tiana to give him a chance to prove himself but with Evan threatening to take away Ella will she give him a chance?

This is the first time I have read this author and it won't be my last. I found I was behind on the relationships between all of the different characters but I still really enjoyed the story. 

I felt so bad for Tiana and her bad choice in men. I couldn't imagine the devastation to discover the truth about Brian. Tiana was an amazing mom to Ella and it just broke my heart that she had a chance of losing her.

Aidan was awesome and I loved how close he was to Ella, in spite of Tiana trying to keep them apart which I did understand after Brian. I liked that he was trying to break Tiana's walls down so she could get to know him.

The events in Portland were definitely scary and then how everything spiraled from there. I did like that Ella and Evan did hit it off but I was mad at Evan for what he was threatening to do. Things after that just went scary and I was freaking out for Ella. The scene in the water was definitely scary and  I was crossing my fingers for things to work out.

I loved that Evan really got to see how much Tiana loved Ella!

The very end was so awesome and I am looking forward to more in this series!

4.5 Stars

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