Saturday, July 9, 2016

My review of Weddings in Laguna by Cheryl Phipps

Zach Dorn is related to reality TV royalty but that doesn't mean he wants anything to do with it. He has opened his own wedding cruise business after completing time in Iraq as a soldier.

Blaine Carter is trying to start her life over after losing everything due to her ex-fiance Darren. Desperate to get her career as a wedding planner back to where it is she is trying to stay as far away from relationships as possible, not willing to be burned twice.

When Blaine comes to the rescue of a last minute disaster involving a wedding on Zach's boat, he realizes he may have misjudged his initial thoughts regarding her. Will Zach change his womanizing ways for someone like Blaine? Will Blaine realize that not all men are like Darren and give Zach a chance but will his own past jeopardize any chance with Blaine?

This was a great story about two people involved in making people's wedding dreams come true, yet they were both jaded by love themselves. Blaine had been burned so badly in the past in her relationship with Darren and I can completely understand her hesitancy to get involved in another relationship again. I can understand how it would be difficult for her to trust again. She was extremely good at her job and that would eventually get her the support she needs but she has a lot to do to prove herself in a new town.

Zach was once a ladies man and really had no desire to settle down but once meeting Blaine he knew that she was his dream come true. Yet as Zach just got his own business going he didn't want to lose anything or jeopardize what he was working hard to obtain. Yet at the time when he thought he was being the most helpful is when he destroys the trust with Blaine that he worked so hard to earn.

These are such great stories and I am loving the world of Laguna Beach!

4 Stars

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