Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My review of True Love in Laguna by Lacey Wolfe

William Springs has come to Laguna for his cousin Amber's wedding and has no return date after losing his job when the company he was working for downsized. When he checks into the Mondrian Laguna Beach Hotel little does he know how much his life will change.

Harper Powell works at the Mondrian and is nursing her heart after dating a reality star named Bentley who dumps her on camera for the world to see. When she is asked out by William she is hesitant but agrees when she realizes how much fun they have.

As William and Harper get to know each other they begin to fall for each other but William is from the other coast and Harper is not keen on getting her heart broke again. It's also clear that someone is not willing to let Harper go and move on to someone new.

This was a great story on letting go of past hurts and allowing yourself to fall in love and realize what love truly is! I loved Harper and thought she was so much fun, yet understandably cautious. William was awesome and I loved how the two right away were able to open up with each other and have amazing conversations in which they shared their hopes and dreams.

I was expecting something to happen but what happened wasn't what I thought it was going to be!! I loved that I was surprised!

I'm looking forward to more from these characters!

4 Stars

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