Saturday, July 9, 2016

My review of Laguna Beach: Sleepless in Laguna by Suzanne Rock

Kaylee Sharpe is an actress still trying to make it big after small parts. After having her heart broken in college she is extremely careful who she gives it too.

Mateo Salinas is a shock-jock on an indie radio station who is tiring of the parties and random women. He had a serious relationship back in college that left him trying to apologize and explain what happened after the truth came out about why their relationship started.

Nothing prepares Kaylee for seeing Mateo again yet she wants to leave the past behind her and give Mateo a taste of his own medicine. Yet the night they have together has huge consequences and both must decide what and if they are willing to give up for a chance to be with the other.

I really enjoyed this story and another look into Laguna Beach. I really liked Kaylee and how she was taking some risks yet really didn't want to experience the heartbreak that she had in college again. I loved the support she received from her best friend Chrissy and how she truly supported Kaylee.

I did like Mateo and thought that he really didn't want to be what his radio persona expected of him. I didn't really like Jagger as I thought as a friend he was very selfish and wanted Mateo there for him, even if he wasn't happy.

I thought the end was great and I think the future is looking very positive!!

4 Stars

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