Saturday, July 16, 2016

My review of Treasure in Laguna by Heather Hiestand

Crowe Erickson grew up treasure hunting on his dad's reality show but after one bad day he is seen as a failure. Yet he is not willing to give up on his own dream of having his own reality show based on treasure hunting and is after some sponsors and producers who will take a chance on him.

Jenny Croft was on Laguna Nights as a waitress at the local pizza place, which she now owns. Jenny does not give herself much credit and when she learns that Crowe had a crush on her TV persona she begins to distance herself, although she is very attracted to him.

As Crowe begins to reach out for help with his show will Jenny be willing to take a chance with Crowe or does she believe that he is attracted to the fake "TV" her and not the real her? Will she push him away afraid to know how he really feels?

This was a great story on taking chances on the future and moving away from "failures" of the past. Both Crowe and Jenny have issues in their past that are standing in their way of moving onto a future where they are happy. Crowe has to get over the ghosts from an episode on his dad's show and Jenny must get over feeling like she isn't funny or confident as Laguna Beach was scripted. As each of the come to terms with the past they can move forward.

Jenny is slowly able to trust in others and start believing in herself which was so great to see! I love that she was able to trust Taylor and give her more responsibility that afforded her the ability to chase her own dreams with Crowe.

I love that we are able to get the same main characters throughout all of these books and it is so much fun seeing all the different author's takes on the characters.

4 Stars

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