Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My review of Last Night in Laguna by C.M. Albert

Bexley Rue is moving to New York and is spending her last night with her best friends Madison and Annie and their spouses. When Kai Donovan comes along with them, Bexley knows she may allow herself one night of fun as she is instantly attracted to him.

Kai Donovan is the opposite of Bexley. Where Bexley is a gypsy at heart, Kai seeks to settle down in one place. Yet despite their differences Kai knows he wants more than just one night with Bexley and as the night goes on, he realizes just how much he has instantly fallen for her.

But Bexley needs to go to New York to be with her sister, Vaughn, and it is unknown if their love survive the different coasts. But when Vaughn opens up about their childhood will Bexley let Kai in and allow them to have a future together?

This was a great book and the power of love between siblings and that instant attraction of finding the one you love. I had a lot of respect for Bexley and everything she was doing with Vaughn and was sad that she didn't find out things about her childhood until it was almost too late for her. She was such a good person but very scared of getting attached and settling down. She really didn't want any more loss in her life and I can't blame her.

Kai was amazing and I felt bad for him, especially in New York. The amount of stuff he was willing to do for Bexley was incredible and she's super lucky to have had him.

I'm glad that Bexley was able to discover what her heart wanted and needed and was able to do the right thing!

4 Stars

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