Saturday, July 16, 2016

My review of One Night in Laguna by Melissa Keir

Melanie Whitman has just about had it with men after her ex Keith got someone else pregnant. Her friends are concerned about her so Laura signs her up with Master Draikoh San, a well known matchmaker with excellent results.

Cole Hayes was once on the reality show Laguna Beach and is now a single father to Rose, after his ex-wife couldn't handle motherhood and dealing with Rose's illness. Cole's brother Parker decides to take matters into his own hands and sends in Cole's information to Master Draikoh San.

When Cole and Melanie meet they hit it off and realize how similar they are. They bond but realize that they only have one night together before distance separates them. Yet when something happens that threatens to destroy their night together will they realize that they are meant to be or will they realize that they are better off as friends?

This was a great story on mending broken hearts in a way that is based on similarities and respect. Cole and Melanie both realize that the other is special and not in a way that was judged on preconceived notions due to who their parents were or being on TV.

Melanie was a wonderful character who was burned in love but it also showed her how much more she was worth. Her love of kids was so evident and her loyalty would be incredible! Cole was great and understandably so hesitant to get involved with anyone as a single father and former "celebrity". Together they were able to form an immediate friendship and really learn about each other.

I'm super curious about Master Draikoh San and how he seems to know everything!! I can't wait to read more about him!    

4 Stars

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