Friday, July 22, 2016

My review of Cocktails and Lies by Lynette Sofras

Hannah James is an insurance loss adjuster who for the first time must deal with her own loss as her house has been burglarized. She meets officer Callum Connors who has his suspicions towards her neighbor, Janson Behrendt, whom Hannah just met.

As Hannah tries to sort out her feelings towards the two men she must decide if she is interested in either one and why someone would want to break into her house. Then she discovers a mysterious secret from her grandma and she begins to immerse herself in her grandma's past and link it to the past of someone else she knows.

Will Hannah learn the truth before the two men in her life decide to take matters into their own hands?

I found this book okay but had a little trouble with keeping motivated to read it. I found there was almost too much going on and that took away from it.

I enjoyed Hannah and the things she began to discover with her grandma. I found that was the most interesting part of the story. Hannah's relationship with her mom was toxic and yet Hannah was extremely generous with her. I'm glad that Hannah's relationship with her sister Tara and with Ted was able to improve in the book.

Callum was hell bent on revenge and I think towards the end he just wanted to make sure he was right, regardless of the outcome.

3 Stars

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