Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My review of Lost in Laguna by K.N. Lee

Isla Maxwell is a rich girl from Laguna who wants to live her life away from her controlling parents. In high school she fell in love with Garrett Thorne, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who became a soldier and went missing in battle. Desperate to escape she falls for Clarke Mitchell another soldier who claimed he would not go back to active duty but when he does Isla leaves him and returns to Laguna.

Garrett Thorne wanted to make somehting of himself and stop being known as the convicts son when he enlists and is deployed to Afghanistan. After being injured and missing he learns that the love of his life has moved on.

When Garrett and Isla see each other will their love return? When Clarke decides he is not ready to let Isla go will she make a decision with the men in her life? Will the secrets that Garrett and Isla kept from each other make them stronger or push them apart?

This was a beautiful story on having a second chance when you thought the love was completely gone. I loved the free spirit of Isla and her independence that forced her away from her parents with their attitude towards Garrett. That being said I absolutely loved the support that Garrett received from Senator James Kinley.

Garrett went through so much and deserved so much happiness, yet he was reluctant to view himself as a hero and be recognized for it which showed something of his character. He is a very proud man and I hope he achieves his dreams.

4 Stars

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