Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My review of Take Two by Traci Hayden

Beth Huntley is a photographer who stays behind the lens, never seeking the limelight that some do. Looking for a place to begin again after a stay in New York, Beth and her best friend Judith Snow return to their hometown to open a photo studio. William Lorde is trying desperately to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart after his wife dies, leaving him to care for his young daughter, Angel. Almost by fate, William is drawn into Beth's studio and the two form a strong friendship. Yet both are extremely attracted to each other but both have ghosts in their pasts that they are trying to overcome and heal before getting involved. Yet they face pressures from their family and friends who believe they both deserve to be happy. Will Beth allow herself to be happy or will the ghosts from her past prevent her from allowing herself to love and be loved? This was a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The reader got to know so many of the characters through all the different points of view from which the book was written. It was good to see everyone's concerns regarding everything and it made you feel like you were really involved in the book. I felt so bad for Beth and the reasons why she felt she wasn't worth loving. Her self-esteem took such a hit, no matter what her accomplishments were. Her friendship with Judith was amazing and I'm so glad that they always had each other to support. I loved the story behind Wyatt and Judith and thought some of the comments directed towards them were extremely amusing. The families of both William and Beth were amazing and so supportive. I loved how much Beth's dad Ryan seemed to change in the book. I can't wait to read more from this author! 4 Stars

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