Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My review of Love Caters All by Nicci Carrera

Rick Nordan, CEO of GameCom, has been told by his doctor that he needs to unwind and take a week off electronics as he has been under too much stress. He decides to take his doctor's advice and heads to Lobster Cove.

Pilar Cruz and her daughter Maya, have just turned Pilar's house into a rental, desperate for some extra income after Pilar's husband died. Maya runs a food truck called Love Caters All and does catering jobs when possible to support herself, her mom and her sisters.

When Rick and Maya meet sparks fly but they are from polar opposite worlds and no matter what their attraction is, these opposites begin to show and put a huge strain on their relationship. Will the two keep their relationship intact or is living on two different coasts and their opposite lives too much for them to overcome?

I enjoyed this book and really liked Maya and all her sacrifices for her family, although Maya did not give herself enough credit. I understood why Rick had his guard up but it's frustrating that he would listen to a stranger and not Maya.

It would be very difficult coming from two different worlds but I really enjoyed the dates that Maya and Rick had while in Lobster Cove and how they realized it's the little things that matter.

4 Stars

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