Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My review of Strung Out: A Needles and Pins Rock Romance by Lyrica Creed

Wow! This is somewhat a "typical" rock star book but there are so many more levels to this book that I found so unique and refreshing and it totally sucked me in.

Scarlette "Scarla" Smythe is dropping out of school to find her best friend Ivy that seems to have vanished while on tour with the rock band Rageon. Unfortunately dropping out is also due to the lack of money that she has with her mom not really contributing financially to their living situation. Trying to find any clues that she can Scarla turns to her ex-stepbrother Gage Remington for help finding Ivy.

Gage is not the person that Scarla remembers 90% of the time. He has turned into a drug addict and is obviously into way more "kinky" sex than Scarla has ever seen. Yet somewhere the same Gage remains from when they lived together as teenagers and Scarla hopes that he is able to go back to that person.

As Scarla and Gage get closer to finding Ivy, they also find themselves attracted to each other and must figure out if they are "brother/sister" or a whole new relationship. When Scarla's carefully guarded past secrets begin to leak out they must decide if she is going to stay in hiding or be the woman that most people have never forgotten.

I really loved this book and all the different levels of emotions that I went through while reading it. I truly loved Scarla and did so more and more as the book went on as there was so much that she went through living with her mother that no one knew about how she had to drop out of school due to her mom's living style. It was so heartbreaking as no child should ever have to go through some of that stuff.

Gage was such a lost soul. Deep down you knew he didn't want to have his addiction problems but I don't think he had anything worth fighting for until Scarla came back. He wasn't worried about losing what he had in his life as it wasn't worth much to him.

This book was great and I can't wait until the next one!

5 Stars

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