Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My review of The Kingmaker: A Powerplay Novel by Selena Laurence

Derek Ambrose is the nation's leading campaign consultant and believes he has the perfect candidate all lined up to be the next president when he walks in on Senator Jason Melville with an escort, London Sharpe. When the press finds out Derek explains that it is he who is involved with London and not Jason.

Yet, in a political arena some secrets are not to be kept and you never know who is after who. When Derek and London begin to have feelings for one another they each have to put their hearts and careers on the line until one secret begins the unraveling of everything they both held sacred.

This book grabbed me right from the beginning and i couldn't put it down! The characters were engaging and had so many layers to them that it was like opening a present of intrigue. I loved London and the reasons why her life went as it did. She was so detached from intimacy and I liked how Derek never gave up on her or made her feel uncomfortable. Derek was such a great guy and it was pretty sad how much he was affected by the secret.

I really liked the "Powerplay Club" and I'm really hoping that this is the beginning of a series with each of the men getting their own book. The concept is very intriguing and I liked how they all worked together to get things done and solve the problems that they faced.

This was such a great book and I can't wait for more from the author!

5 Stars

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