Monday, April 18, 2016

My review of King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court by Kim Iverson Headlee

Queen Morgan le Fay has traveled through time and been mistakenly placed in 2079 where she is forced to learn a whole new life.  She is able to attain all of her paperwork that legitimizes her thanks to Clarice Centralia, who always seems to show up at the right time.

When the President Malory Hinton asks for Morgan's help as a campaign boss she is able to get things done and soon finds herself as the owner of a baseball team in London and butting heads with Sandy Carter, a look-alike to a former lover. But Morgan finds herself very uneasy around the President's husband, Ambrose Josiah Hinton and doesn't know how long she will have in the current time.

I enjoyed the book but at certain points I found myself a little confused over what was happening and feeling like I missed something. I enjoyed Morgan and thought she was fun although her relationship with Sandy was rocky to say the least.

It really feels like Morgan excelled in the different year and really didn't seem to have many problems at all adjusting as I was expecting much more trouble with the technology and little things but they didn't seem to come up in the book.

Still looking forward to reading another book by the author.

3 Stars

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