Sunday, April 3, 2016

BBQ Chicken & Grilled Pineapple Nachos

Many years ago a bunch of us hockey mom's met at a local pub to get to know each other over drinks. One of the ladies ordered nachos abut asked for pineapple on them and said it was the only way tp eat them. I tried one and it was good and it has always been on the back of my mind to try it again.

So the other night I was struggling to get through a book. I knew that I deserved something delicious if I was going to succeed so I thought nachos but I knew I needed the pineapple with them! So off I went to Pinterest and low and behold there was a recipe!

So I must admit that I did not make the Chile con Queso that it called for. One reason was that I was tired and second was that I already had grated cheese in the fridge and I wanted to use up what I had before buying more. I'm trying to be a little economical when I can. So I'm sure the nachos could have tasted even better than they already did and one day I will try it again with the special cheese sauce.

The other change I made was no jalapenos. I am the biggest wimp with jalapenos so I avoided them but if you love the kick they would definitely be awesome on.

These were great and easy!

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