Friday, April 15, 2016

My review of (Not So) Good in A Room by Dakota Madison

Nellie Berg wants to be a screenwriter but every time she goes to pitch her stories she freezes and can't get her words out. After her latest disaster she meets Roscoe Rhodes who is great at pitching ideas but he hasn't written anything.

Roscoe suggests that she has someone else pitch her ideas for her and suggests his cousin, actor Chris Rhodes to help her out. When it is clear that Nellie has talent will she let Chris take all the credit? But maybe Nellie will let Chris take even more than that too!

I enjoyed the story and found Nellie super unique. I wish she had more confidence in herself but hopefully she will gain more! I enjoyed Roscoe but was confused on why he didn't just agree to work with Nellie in the first place instead of suggesting Chris.

I will definitely read the author again! 

3 Stars

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