Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Unwrapping Noel by Jennifer Theriot

Noel Calabrese runs her own Public Relations firm and although her professional life is going great her personal life is definitely not. Noel lives with her ex-husband, Dave, who is a hot-shot litigator who cheated on her but due to recently battling cancer needed help from Noel.

Tony Tolbert, Noel's client and former Nascar driver, has asked Noel to come for a meeting but Noel says no until she discovers a secret Dave has been keeping from her. There she meets Leon Hallis, every woman's dream man, but Noel has many insecurities due to the emotional scarring from her relationship with Dave and doesn't believe she has what Leon wants.

I loved this story as I really could relate to the insecurities that Noel faced. So many women doubt themselves yet there are men that can be swept away by the things we hate most about ourselves. This was such a powerful book about believing in yourself!! 

5 Stars

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