Sunday, November 29, 2015

Unexpected Gift by Chantel Rhondeau

What an incredible heart-warming story on true love that grows from the inside and not based on appearances.

Cali Johnson has moved from Idaho City to the Bronx to work as an assistant to an Interior Decorator. She doesn't know anyone and doesn't feel comfortable in her building due to the awful condition it is in but knows she is safe once she can get inside her apartment. One day she hears a cat in the hallway and drops Jasper off at his owners place upstairs, but there she finds more mystery.

Marcus Ritz hides from the world inside his apartment and no one sees him. What is preventing Marcus from going out in the world?

Cali and Marcus soon develop a friendship but she still never gets a glimpse of him. As he feelings grow for Marcus she tries to get him to trust her and let him know whatever he is hiding from her won't change how she feels about him.

I absolutely loved this story! I loved how attentive Marcus was to Cali and how he wanted to protect her yet at the same time he still didn't trust her seeing him. The feelings in this book were so real and I loved Cali's sweetness!

5 Stars

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