Saturday, November 28, 2015

Scrooge You by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Kevin Wright is a movie star trying to recover from a humiliating break-up with Marianne Lerner which saw his image take a complete nose-dive. For the holidays he decides to head back to his hometown to get away from the press and help his sister with her upcoming wedding.

Sasha Moretti is trying to keep it all together. She is working at the mall at a clothing store while trying to keep the rest of her problems under control. Yet a chance "slip" into Kevin, whom she went to high school with, ends up changing everything for her - and not necessarily for the good.

Will Kevin and Sasha each open up to the other or will the secrets they each keep from the other keep their relationship from growing. Trust is a huge issue and both have been hurt before.

I loved this book as it touches on so many important issues - like Alzheimer's, and other issues that would spoil things. I think it's super funny how we can look back at the past, like both Kevin and Sasha did and have different views of the same thing, yet knowing that would have changed their future.

This book is heavy, yet there are still so many laughs and the book just sucks you in and you never want it to end. So incredibly well written and I loved it!

5 Stars

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