Friday, November 27, 2015

My reviews from Places to See

I was lucky enough to read two of the books from the Places to See Collection.

Kisses and Strudel: Christmas Romance - Germany (Places to See Book 1) by Jennifer Conner

Mr.Simon's daughter Janelle has died and he has given the four girls who work very hard for him at Simon's Department Store, a trip anywhere in the world that they would like to go. His idea is that they enjoy life and not work so hard.

This book centers around Aubri Reynolds who is the head buyer of Christmas Decorations for the department store. Aubri has carefully planned her trip to Rothenburg, Germany, a location known for the most distinctive and largest Christmas stores in the world.

What Aubri doesn't count on is meeting Ryker the manager of Weihnachten Haus. He is everything she has ever wanted in a man but both are very settled in their lives with their jobs. Will either be willing the ultimate sacrifice and move to the other side of the world for the other?

I truly loved this book and would love to have Aubri's job! The connection is apparent right from the start and I can't imagine how difficult Ryker's life has become and completely understand why he is so comfortable where he is. This book is heartwarming and makes you look at what is most important.

I truly love what Mr.Simon is trying to do for the girls and commend his idea of living while you can.

In Love With Paris by Sharon Kleve

This is the second book in this series which sees Mr.Simon, the owner of Simon's Department Store send 4 of his hardest working girls each on a trip to somewhere in the world that they have always wanted to go to following the death of his daughter, Janelle.

In this book the focus is on Paget Murphy, the head art buyer for Simon's. Her dream has always been to go to Paris and the Louvre. What Paget doesn't count on is meeting Christoper Paris in the airport and being instantly swept away by him. Nor does she count on meeting her favorite author, Susan Couple, who she ends up sitting beside on the flight over.

Christopher Paris works as a curator for the Louvre and the two spend as much time as they can together, as his work will allow. He shows her the sights of Paris and the two fall further for each other.

Will the two find away to be together at the end of the trip and will Christopher be able to get a job back in the US as he has planned?

I thought this story was great! I loved that the two spent their mornings running together and really enjoying the qualities of the other. I also loved that Paget was able to meet Susan and the relationship that the two of them developed as well. The European lifestyle is more of a "slow-down" approach and that really did come across in the book with the mornings as the cafes.

Both of these books are 5 Stars

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