Sunday, November 8, 2015

Spicy Christmas Kisses Box Set

I've had the priveledge of reviewing several books from this box set and have loved them! I'm looking forward to sitting down and finishing the box set when I get some free time! Here are the reviews on the books I have read so far!

Cole for Christmas by Kelly Collins

Chloe Craig is desperate for any design job she can get after struggling to make it in the ski town she has escaped to. She accepts a job to transform Mr.Cole's house into a winter wonderland in just 3 days before his family arrives. When her temp arrives she quickly puts him to work helping her with the house.

Elias Cole does not believe in the Christmas spirit but is very impressed with how his house has been transformed by the talented Chloe. He is instantly attracted to her but she will not cross that relationship line with a boss.

Will Elias and Chloe allow their feelings for each other to grow and when Elias gives Chloe another job will she take it or reject it based on her heart?

When Elias's family arrives and embrace Chloe will the truth come out?

This is such a sweet Christmas story that embraces the meaning of finding love when you least expect it. I loved Elias's family - especially Gretchen and Grandma!

Elias is one of a kind and his heart is huge!! Yet he is also cautious after having it broke a few times! I completely understand the hesitancy with Chloe wanting not to have a relationship with her boss after what she has gone through in her past.

Great Christmas love story!!

Tangled in Tinsel by Stacy Eaton

Casey Lowe is on the run from her past and refuses to let anyone get close to her, except her friend Brandy. She has ended up in the town of Celebration as a nursing supervisor in the emergency department.

Thad Wagner is a police officer in town and is attracted to Casey but she has no interest at all in married men and pushes him away.

As Casey and Thad face internal battles over their attraction to each other more seems to be at stake as Casey's past comes back and her life is in danger and it appears she is in over her head.

I really enjoyed this book and how the lack of communication played such a major role! Casey hs so much to overcome and I really enjoyed her character. I also really liked Thad and how he did all he could to help Casey without anything in return. There was so much tension in the book and I couldn't put it down!!

The King and The Pawn - Lyssa Layne

Francesca DiDominzio, "Frankie", is 24 years old and an aspiring fashion designer. She has an opportunity of a lifetime to expand her fashion sense but needs the money from her trust to do so but her father isn't willing to let her for some dream of hers.

Guy Sillars has just left the army at 28 years old to deal with some personal issues back in Texas when he decides to go out in New York with his army friend Lorenzo Morelli. Lorenzo brings him to a nightclub and it is there where he meets Frankie and is instantly enchanted by her.

Frankie decides to concoct a plan where she pretends to have a boyfriend, Guy, in order to make her dad release her the money but soon she wonders whether this plan will work as she begins to have feelings for Guy.

As Guy and Frankie begin to grow closer the plan is jeopardized and when secrets about Guy's past come out everything could be destroyed.

I love Guy and how he pushes Frankie into believing she is capable and good enough to make her dreams come true! The DiDominzio family has many secrets within that I'm sure will come out in the next books and I anticipate many tears to come!! This book was a great introduction to the family and I love Frankie's determination of not giving up her dreams!!

Christmas Choices by Sharon Coady

Rhian St.Claire seems to live her life under the microscope of her father's approval and decides on her own to go to Italy but her plans are changed when her grandfather's injured in a fire at his restaurant. Rhian is in charge of the restoration, along with bad-boy Kellan Slade, whom her father has hired.

Rhian is very atteracted to Kellan but pushes her feelings aside, knowing her father wouldn't approve and due to Kellan never opening up to her. Rhian runs off to Italy instead of facing her feelings towards Kellan and while there meets Dante Baron. Is Dante what Rhian is after or does she still have feelings for Kellan and will Kellan forgive Rhian for running away from him?

This was a great book and I loved how Rhian and Kellan avoided how they felt yet everyone around them saw what was developing. I especially loved the character of Denny who had a brain injury from a car accident yet appeared to be the most with it when it came to love. Parental approval is so important to many people and it's hard to want someone you believe would never fit into the mold you believe your parents want.

Loving Lucy  by Chantel Rhondeau

Blake Carmichael is looking for the right woman for himself and who can be a good mom to his 5 year old son. He is an accountant with a huge crush on Lucy Brier, the secretary at his work. Blake is challenged by Sherry, his office partner, to woo Lucy for SuperBowl tickets.

Unfortunately for Blake, Lucy has been given a challenge by her sister Trisha, to stay single until next Christmas and she will recieve Trisha's Christmas bonus.

As the attraction between Blake and Lucy grows, they both have stuff on the line that they are scared to lose. Will their feelings for each other be enough and when Lucy believes she doesn't have what Blake wants will she run for good?

This was a super sweet story about finding true happiness without short changing yourself. It is also a story about the importance of communication and waiting to clear up things without jumping to conclusions! Loved this story!

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