Saturday, November 21, 2015

Loving Lucy by Chantel Rhondeau

Blake Carmichael is looking for the right woman for himself and who can be a good mom to his 5 year old son. He is an accountant with a huge crush on Lucy Brier, the secretary at his work. Blake is challenged by Sherry, his office partner, to woo Lucy for SuperBowl tickets.

Unfortunately for Blake, Lucy has been given a challenge by her sister Trisha, to stay single until next Christmas and she will recieve Trisha's Christmas bonus.

As the attraction between Blake and Lucy grows, they both have stuff on the line that they are scared to lose. Will their feelings for each other be enough and when Lucy believes she doesn't have what Blake wants will she run for good?

This was a super sweet story about finding true happiness without short changing yourself. It is also a story about the importance of communication and waiting to clear up things without jumping to conclusions! Loved this story!

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