Wednesday, October 9, 2019

My review of Viral by T. Gephart

Vaughan Hale may have been drunk when he sent a post out on the internet about his now ex-best friend and guitarist sleeping with his now ex-girlfriend but his post picked up momentum and now everyone is talking about it. Now the lead singer of White Trash Circle has been offered a lot of money to do something he really doesn't want to do but like they say, money talks.

Gillian Duzan believes that Vaughan has talent but also knows if he messes up again she is at risk to lose everything that she has been working towards at Domination Records.

Can Gillian turn Vaughan around and find the love in his music again before he loses everything?

This was such a good book from start to finish and I never wanted to put it down.

Right from the beginning you knew you were in for a heck of a ride filled with lots of laughs and some more serious moments and then some hot romance!!

I thought Vaughn was awesome and his social media post was awesome although I felt bad for Nico. I was shocked at how much the band was offered and I was totally not surprised that things turned out the way they did considering everything happened so fast. I loved that Nico stood by Vaughan through everything and that their friendship stayed strong through it all.

I really liked Gillian in that she was more "human" with everything going on and wanted Vaughan to be a success and knew he had the talent to be. Yet Gillian risked a lot by following her own heart with what she wanted to happen as Domination Records was controlled by her father.

I absolutely loved with Gillian and Emily put together and how much it shocked Vaughan and Nico. I laughed so hard and it turned out so perfect!

The "relationship" between Vaughan and Gillian was interesting as one of them didn't want anybody to know and it unfortunately caused some strain between them. My heart started breaking for Vaughan as I hated that he found something and got it taken away again. 

The end was absolutely awesome and I really hope we get a book with Nico next!!

5 Stars

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