Thursday, October 3, 2019

My review of Someday, Somehow by Claudia Burgoa

Agustin "Auggie" Beltran has been best friends with George since he accidentally spilled his coffee on her and then mistakenly thought she was someone else on night at a party. Since then they have been inseparable until she goes to France for school and Auggie finally realizes how lost he is without her.

Georgia "George" Jones had the most wonderful best friend in the world but slowly things began to change for her and when she realized that Auggie didn't feel the same she headed out of town. Now almost 1 year later she is back and has brought someone with her.

Can Auggie prove to George how much he loves her or is it too late?

This was a great book about fighting for what you want and finding it when you least expect it.

I really liked bit Auggie and George and how their friendship grew so much and how they truly relied on each other. Yet they both never realized how they felt about each other at the same time and neither talked to the other about how they felt. They each supported the other one and did their best, even when it went against what they wanted for themselves.

I was a little frustrated with George for continuing to run instead of talking to Auggie about how she felt and then rushing into a relationship in order to get over him.

I loved that even though Auggie knew how he felt about George, he was still her best friend and did everything he could to support her with Mario.

The end was absolutely awesome with Like Home! I did a big happy dance for sure!

Such a good read!

4 Stars

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