Tuesday, October 15, 2019

My review of Damage by Natasha Knight

Gabriela Marchese thinks she knows what she is doing when she decides it is safer to return to her father instead of remaining with her fiance, Stefan Sabbioni. Yet soon she discovers she is a pawn in a game no matter who she is with.

Yet it comes down to which man will protect her more yet is her heart safer with her father or with Stefan?

Wow - this was such an intense conclusion with lots of twists and turns to make you wonder whose side everyone is on and how betrayal one book can have!

I understood why Gabriela felt like she needed to try and escape instead of being a prisoner, especially after what happened to her best friend yet I questioned who she contacted as I really didn't think that was the safest place for her either. She was afraid to get close to Stefan as his emotions could flip on a dime and he scared her at times and at other times he was loving. 

Stefan was determined to get Gabriela back but there were so many questions about who took her and who found her as well. He would do anything to keep her safe and that included moving up the wedding and also keeping her a prisoner within the house as he felt his enemies couldn't reach her then.

There were so many OMG moments that left my jaw on the ground and the layers of betrayal were huge!!! I was so mad at times at easy one could turn their back on another. Everything kept getting more and more intense and there was so much happening and so many people were involved in betraying each other - no sense of loyalty!!

The end was shocking and I really was surprised that Stefan was willingly walking into an unknown fate where he may not make it out alive.

I was happy with the epilogues and I really do want more!!

5 Stars

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