Tuesday, October 8, 2019

My review of Between Now & Forever by Dylan Allen

Carter Bosh is married to Beth and together they have a daughter named Ella but life wasn't an easy path and sometime love doesn't come easy.

Elizabeth Wells has never had good birthday's with so many things going wrong. She hopes she has found a guy she can be with named Duke but soon she learns he's not the right guy for her but fate leads her to meet Carter Bosh that night and maybe she has finally found her Mr. Right.

Yet life never works out and soon Elizabeth finds her life in turmoil once again when she is blamed for certain events and now her father is going to use her to profit himself.

Will Elizabeth find the courage to overcome everything in her way and find herself?

This is going to be a heck of a ride from the beginning book! My emotions were all over the place!

I thought Elizabeth was such a great character and once we learned about her past my heart broke for her as she had been through so much, especially on her various birthday's. I loved her relationship with James and how much he cared about her in comparison with her dad whom I hated.

I really liked Carter and thought he and his family were exactly what Elizabeth needed and they supported Elizabeth more than her own family. I was so sad with everything that happened to Carter and when he ended up going a little of the rails because of it all.

I understood at the end why Elizabeth was making the choice that she was but I am still really freaking out a little over what could happen.

The end left my jaw on the ground with what Carter may have learned and who it involves!!

4.5 Stars

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