Tuesday, June 5, 2018

My review of For The King by Jenika Snow

King Victor is in need of a wife and he has one woman in mind and will stop at nothing to have her.

Willow owns a flower shop and is a commoner who is taking care of her ailing mother.

When King Victor makes Willow a deal to take care of her mother if she marries him and carries his heir will she take him up on the offer?

This was a very quick romance sure to heat you up!

King Victor knew what he wanted and was not going to let anything get in his way of getting it. He was known as a ruthless and brutal ruler but he wanted Willow and was going to keep her safe.

I really liked Willow and how she took care of her mother. She had "dreams" about Victor but believed he was out of reach for a commoner like her.

The two were extremely hot together and I thought it was interesting how Victor used Willow's weakness against her but at the same time it worked out super well.

The epilogues were great and I liked how it all turned out.

3.5 Stars

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